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8MP 4K IP Security Camera

8MP 4K IP Security Camera

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WANT TO KEEP YOUR HOME SECURE? We have the solution for you:

Introducing our advanced  8MP 4K IP Security Camera, a leading edge addition to your home security system. This camera boasts a superior resolution of 8MP, delivering a smooth and stunning super HD experience that outshines traditional 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP options. Take your surveillance to the next level with the power of 🔍 5X Digital Zoom, allowing you to press and hold the screen for a detailed view, giving you unmatched control over the visuals.

Smart Surveillance Mastery🔄: Experience smart  pan, tilt, and rotation capabilities with our PTZ camera, providing extensive coverage and exceptional detail through a single device. Use the intuitive iCSee APP to remotely control the camera, ensuring you have less blind spots and a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

AI Human Detect Alert 🚨Our camera goes beyond just visual monitoring. With  Ai Human Detect Alert, it swiftly identifies human targets and sends instant notifications to your smartphone. Say goodbye to false alarms triggered by non-human entities like cars or trees – this smart detection system focuses solely on human shapes.

Color night vision🌙: Equipped with  Smart IR/Color night vision, our camera adapts to different lighting conditions. With built-in Infrared and White LEDs, easily switch between normal Infrared, White light, or Double Light Vigilance modes via the mobile app. Capture every detail even in low-light situations.

Motion Auto Tracking🚀The Motion Auto Tracking feature takes surveillance to a new level. Once a target is locked, the camera adjusts pan rotation automatically, tracking moving objects such as cars, pets, or humans, and sending instant alerts to your smartphone.

Easy communication 🎤: Communicate seamlessly with the built-in speaker and microphone, offering smooth two-way audio.  Listen in and talk back through your iPhone or Android device, enhancing the convenience of monitoring when you're resting or busy.

Store your footage ☁️: Safe your footage effortlessly with the SD Card Slot and  Cloud Storage options. Insert a micro SD card (16~128GB, not included) for continuous recording or motion-triggered events. Cloud storage is available through the iCSee app, offering additional convenience.

Weatherproof🌧️: Designed to withstand the elements, our camera is outdoor weatherproof with an  IP66 rating. This ensures durability against the elements, making it resilient in storms and blizzards, safeguarding your home year-round.

Hassle-free connectivity📶:  Enjoy hassle-free connectivity with  Wi-Fi (2.4G only) and LAN options. The camera is powered by a DC12V adapter and compatible with the iCSee App on iOS, Android smartphones, tablets, and Windows PC CMS client. Access your camera from anywhere, anytime.

Invest in the future of home security with our 🌐 8MP 4K IP Security Camera – a combination of high resolution, smart features, and reliable performance, ensuring your peace of mind. 🏡✨

⚠️Camera products can only be used for the purposes permissible under the applicable law and regulations. Misuse of the product for any illegal activities is strictly forbidden. Please comply with the applicable laws and regulations in your country/area.

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