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Speed Projector 4K

Speed Projector 4K

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Want to create your personal Movie Theatre in your own bedroom?

Introducing the Speed Projector 4K🌟 – a fusion of traditional projection and Android 11 TV-Box innovation:

Crystal Clear Visuals: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with native 1280*720p resolution, supporting 4k ANSI for unparalleled clarity. 🎥

Less harmful for your eyes: The Speed Projector 4K is gentler on your eyes compared to staring at phones and laptops from close distances. Projectors emit less harmful blue light, ensuring a more comfortable and eye-friendly viewing experience for adults and children. 🌟

Android 11 Integration: Seamlessly enjoy the convenience of Android 11 and a user-friendly app store, turning this projector into a smart TV-Box. 🤖

Dual Wifi 6 Connectivity: Stay connected with dual Wifi 6 support (2.4g/5.8g), providing stronger signals and faster data transfer. Bluetooth 5.0 enhances connectivity options. 📡

Flexible Projection: Project anywhere with a 180° flexible angle and a generous 130" screen display. Perfect for both home and outdoor use. 🌌

Quiet Operation and Portability: Low-noise, portable design that's easy to handle with one hand, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment. 🎬

User-Friendly Adjustments: Correct the image effortlessly from any angle using the comprehensive remote control for a seamless viewing experience. 🔄

Long-lasting Performance: With a bulb life of 50,000 hours, enjoy reliable and extended usage. 💡

Versatile Media Support: Supports various image and video formats, ensuring compatibility with your multimedia preferences. 🖼️🎞️

Upgrade your entertainment setup with the Speed Projector 4K NOW– where cutting-edge technology meets ease of use for an exceptional viewing experience. 🚀

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